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Mining Is Vital to Our Future

Mining is of strategic importance to any national economy. A prosperous mining sector brings benefits that branch out to many other industries and is a major provider of quality jobs.
Mining also impacts our daily life. It contributes to the development of products we use every day such as consumer electronics, communication networks and sports equipment.

Mining Challenges are Gray Tools' Priorities

With the exponential growth of the mining come many challenges, including volatility in commodity prices, labor shortages, government intervention, and environmental protection just to name a few.
In addition to external forces operational factors such as rising energy and transportation costs, capital costs of acquiring new tools and equipment and maintaining the existing ones have also placed additional burden on businesses.
Simply put in order to remain competitive your mining facility has to run at full capacity with minimal disruption and downtime.
Fortunately Gray Tools can be part of the solution and help your mining operation achieve its goals.

Partner with Gray Tools for Improved Efficiencies

When it comes to reliable tools to service mining equipment, Gray Tools can actually help save you money. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a partnership with us:

Supplier of industrial-quality tools to essential service providers for 100 years. No other Canadian tool company can match our history, heritage and successful track record. Since 1912 we have helped companies such as Bell Canada, Ontario Hydro, Cummins Eastern with reliable tools that keep their equipment running smoothly.

Gray Tools translates into more durability and less downtime. All tools come with lifetime warranty. But the best tools last a lifetime without the need to be taken in for repairs. Thus you avoid warranty's hidden costs: downtime and human resources. By choosing Gray tools you make a long-term investment in productivity.

A mining specific assortment. Gray Tools catalogue has over 5000 items, some of them specifically designed for mines. Our commitment to the mining industry means that we spend the time to understand your needs and provide you optimal solutions to improve efficiency and reduce potential workplace injuries.

Ability to manufacture custom tools. There are situations when a standard tool is just not suitable for your application. As the only manufacturer of industrial quality hand tools in Canada we are able to make that tool for you, without sacrificing the safety of the user with improvised solutions. Request our catalogue to learn more.